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We utilize Volumetric as well as modified (proof testing) methods as appropriate for the cylinders tested. We also use the Modified testing method for Low-pressure cylinders <900 psi. We are able to perform external visual inspections for cylinders only requiring that test.


Our facility also utilizes NDT or Non-Destructive Testing Technology to help in identifying cylinders made with Aluminum 6061 that has the potential for developing cracks in the tread area of the cylinder.  We currently use Visual Plus equipment to assist us in this process. Normally these cylinders were manufactured prior to 1990 and are Exemption cylinders with 6498,7042 or possibly other exemptions as well as DOT 3AL cylinders with pressures from 1800 psi to 3000 psi. Our technicians are extensively trained to standards prescribed by DOT and strive to provide inspections and testing to ensure the safety of the individuals utilizing the cylinders. We are a licensed DOT approved cylinder re-qualification facility with a current Retester Identification Number assigned by DOT.


Some of the equipment we use is normally referred to as the water jacket method. This method allows us to accurately measure the total expansion of the cylinder under test pressure and determine the permanent expansion. All cylinders are inspected for damage according to the Manufactures's specifications and the appropriate CGA (Compressed Gas Association) pamphlets which are incorporated into the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) by reference. We welcome questions regarding the testing or processes as well as the opportunity to show and explain what we do.  If you would like to schedule a time to view the facility and the process we utilize please contact us with your request.

safety equipment

All Equipment

All Equipment
90 Seconds to Expert Remodeling

Breathing Air Compressors

Although 3M Scott is discontinuing the compressor product line HEAT Safety Equipment will continue to service and maintain these compressors.

Thermal Imaging

We have five button and three button Thermal Imagers to get those high quality images.

Respiratory Fit Testing

Currently we perform fit testing, sell the equipment and provide training on the proper use of it.

3M Core PPE

Respirators designed to help provide comfortable, reliable worker respiratory protection against certain non-oil based products


For Hydrostatic Testing, we utilize Volumetric as well as modified (proof testing) methods as appropriate for the cylinders tested.


We are proud to be able to offer to our customers the Scott Safety line of products.


We can provide cylinders for your needs or requirements that will all meet DOT standards for transportation of Hazardous Material.

New Items

We have exciting new items come in all the time, and the safety features are always approved beforehand.

Personal Accountability

We have devices that will give you accountability while you are in action


Being both a Fire Service Distributor and an Industrial Distributor we offer numerous variations of Respiratory Protective Equipment

Our Services

  • Breathing Apparatus repairs and Dynamic Flow Testing at Our Shop or your Facility/Department

  • Scott Safety Authorized Repair Center for Warranty and Service

  • Compressor Repairs and Air Quality in Shop or at your Facility

  • Manufacture of Cascade Assemblies Mobile and Permanent mount

  • Hydrostatic testing of all cylinders except acetylene

  • Sandblasting and painting of cylinders mounting frames etc.

  • Cylinder reconditioning/ new valves, valve repairs/safety assemblies

  • Manufacture of specific lengths of Breathing Air Hoses, Low Pressure, and High Pressure

  • Filling of Certified Grade D Breathing Air in DOT/UN Certified Cylinders

Our Services
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